Logara Component Units

Logara in recent history comprises five villages: Awogwu,Eziama, Obohia, Ngali, and Umuokeada. A part of the community, namely Umueze had chosen to remain in Obiangwu, our parent autonomous community, when the present Logara opted for autonomy from Obiangwu. The siting of the Imo airport on our land enhanced the spliting of Logara into two parts, making it more difficult for Umueze to stay with their kins. Kindred sentiments compels Logara to reserve a “sit” for Umueze in hope of their unlikely return.

The villages in Logara are iconed with sculptures erected in strategic places in each village. The beautiful works of arts based on researched historical and cultural life of our people, were constructed, reportedly sponsored solely by our illustrous son, Rev. Fr. (Dr) Anthony Njoku, son of HRH, Sir Felix I. Njoku, Ogaraku II of Logara. We present the pictures here to guide your tour of Logara.

Please click on the pictures to read more about each village, or hover over them to read captions.

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The history, culture and development of the community

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