Welcome To Logara

At the gateway to Logara, we welcome you to the land of peace!

 Logara Autonomous Community is located in Ngor-Okpala LGA, Imo State, Nigeria.

Postal Code: 460133. 

Access routes to Logara:

  1. Along Aba-Owerri Road, branching off into the IMO Airport Road at Umuowa then Right, through Umuohiagu or Left, through Eziala Obiangwu to the Statue of Welcome shown above.

  2. From Afor Enyiogugu, along Owerri – Umuahia road,
    turn into Imo Airport Road leading to the
    Statue of Welcome above, then to Nkwo Logara,
    Centre of our Community life.

Nkwo Logara -Centre of Community life

Welcome! once again

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17 thoughts on “Welcome To Logara”

  1. Kudos to the initiators. We the youths will learn from this, as our future depends also on the history and development of our land.


  2. Communication is an essential ingredient to a developmental process. God in His infinite mercy gave us this privilege. I implore us to to make maximum use of this website to show love and oneness in all that we do in Logara. My appreciation goes to those who are spending their time and resources to steer the wheel of progress and may God grant you all the graces and mercies abound including our beloved Eze Ogaraku II of Logara Autonomous community. May we all remain blessed in Christ Jesus.
    Bro Paul Eze Ogwuru


  3. We are moving! The Locomotive is moving. This is the time to sow a seed in Logara. Pay your Development stipend for the maintenance of this web- site & other uses. Transparency is the Key Word. Posterity will judge us for what we failed to do for the masses. A lot is happening. Join the Progressive Forces & let’s Break OUT!


  4. I am just entering this site for the first time. Logara has got to move, if the presence of God is made manifest. Leadership is all about initiating the right thing at the right time with commitment and dedication. We will all benefit if we can pull our intellect and resources together, Be a Logarian who has chosen the path of peace and dependent on the grace of God Almighty. May we all benefit from the love of God in Christ Jesus, Amen.


  5. This is awesome. It is good and I believe we have to put it into full use. Thanks be to God and the initiators/designers of this website.


  6. Leadership not only involves knowing where you are going but also how to effectively work with people. In working together with people, the leader needs warmth, enthusiasm and sensitivity. Now we have good leaders in Logara, those who are much ready to work and develop Logara, let us contribute our own quota.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. The website sucintly describes how to locate Logara Community with the necessary landmarks like the statues. Well done .


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The history, culture and development of the community