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Flag-Off of the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) programme on oil palm, in Logara

British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation

 Supports Oil Palm Farmers in Logara

An economic cum historical event happened in Logara Autonomous Community, Ngor-Okpala Local Government Area, Imo State, on 15th day of September, 2016 when the British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation (BATNF) in colaboration with Imo State Agricultural Development Programme (ADP) visited the community for the Flag-Off of the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) programme on oil palm.

The BATNF officials at the event included:

  1. Mr. Fatai Afolabi, the team leader and member of the Technical committee
  2. Abimbola Okoya, General Manager, and
  3. Mr. Tajudeen Akinwande, the Projects Manager

The team of the Imo State Agricultural Development Programme (ADP), Owerri, was led by Pastor Anayochi Jonathan, the Acting Programme Manager who in his presentation titled ‘Back to the basics’ said “The coming of British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation to support oil palm farmers in three Local Government Areas of Imo State: Ngor-Okpala, Onuimo and Orsu, goes to show the level of commitment and interest on the welfare and well being of farmers in Imo State.”

The Logara community was agog at the rare event and attended in their numbers, including women groups, the townsmen and Youths organisation. The community leaders, prominently HRH, Eze Felix I. Njoku, Ogaraku II of Logara, Ndi Nze, the President-General and executive council of Logara Community Development Union (LCDU), were all present at the occasion.

The flag-off event was for Ngor-Okpala LGA, and so other communities in the local government sent representatives. The Secretary of Onyeaghalanwanneya Communities Assembly, Hon. Obi Afulezi represented the umbrella organisation.

In his welcome address, the PG of LCDU, Bro. Peter A. Ogwuru (KSM) who was the chairman at the occasion, said “…our people are mainly farmers blessed with a vast fertile land that yields more than anywhere else. We have capable and willing manpower to turn this area into the food basket of Imo State. With the partnership of British American Tobacco Foundation and the Imo ADP, it is certain that the journey towards liberation of the people from peasant farming to mechanised/export earning agriculture has started.”

Personalities at the event, sitting, left to right: -Imo ADP staff; Pastor Anayochi Jonathan, Actng Programme Manager Imo ADP; Bro Peter A. Ogwuru (KSM), PG LCDU; Abimbola Okoya, General Manager, BATNF; HRH Eze Felix I. Njoku, Ogaraku II of Logara; Mr. Fatai Afolabi, Member, Technical Committee, BATNF; two ADP staff; Mr. Tajudeen Akinwande, Projects manager, BATNF; last but not the least, an ADP staff.


The highlight of the Flag-Off event was the planting of oil palm trees in the vicinity of the Logara Town Hall, as can be seen in the photos below.

An ADP lady Master of Ceremony at the event piloted the activities excellently, to the admiration of everyone. Kudos ! to her.

Photoshow of the event

Logara Invaded by Cattle (Nnama)

Exract from a comment by Uzoma Odi on our post:
Logara New Yam Festival, alerts us to the fact that cattle herdsmen and their cattle have invaded our homeland.
Uzoma wrote:

PLease I want to use this opportunity to tell Logarians aboard that cows have taken over our land. The Eze and
Eze-In-Council seem to be silent over it. The youths are
not happy. Please Mr. PG, Sir, do something.

News around Nigeria shows that migrant Fulani cattle herdsmen are a source of concern for communities where they settle, e.g. Plateau, Benue and some South-Western states. Outbreak of hostilities to the extent of gun battles resulting in deaths, have been reported in areas where armed cattle rearers calously allow their ravenous cattle to feed on farmlands, thus undermining the cash-crop means of livelyhood of rural communities. The impunity with which the Fulanis operate in the country is viewed as a form of colonialism.

In Logara, eyewitness reports are that large herds of cattle invade farmlands in Uhumuagwu and areas towards our boundry with the  Imo airport, devastating casava and other crops. Our people are vulnerable and apprehensive!

It is hoped that our community leaders are aware of this worrisome situation, to nip it in the bud before it escalates to conflicts involving our peaceful community. Neighbouring communities in Aboh-Mbaise are said to have chased the herdsmen away from their areas before they sought to explore Logara areas. There is need for vigilance and preventive action to protect our people.

Another cause for concern is our proximity with the
airport. Fulani herdsmen are known to be equiped with sophisticated weapons and communications gadgetry. They are not poor, ordinary people. In a country saddled with insecurity and especially in Igboland where Boko-Haram may be nursing a desire to infiltrate, we should not overlook herdsmen who may be on greater missions than rearing cattle. The airport is a strategic infrastructure and moves around it by people with surveillance capabilities, is enough to attract a peoples-government attention. It’s necessary to send alerts.