Invitation to Logara Citizens

You are Invited to Contribute Articles, based on the following Guidelines:-

The website you are visiting is being developed. Logara citizens are invited to contribute text documents and multimedia (photographs, audio recordings, video clips, etc) to add to the site. The following list will guide you, but your contribution is not limited to the suggested topics.

  1.  History of Logara before and after the granting of Autonomous Community status
  2. Inauguration of the Autonomous Community and installation of the first Eze Logara
  3. The provisions of the constitution on the election of Eze Logara
  4. Culture and industry of our people (music and dance, crafts, folklore, festivals, etc)
  5. The decay of traditional religion and advent of Christianity in our land
  6. The extended family system – the strength of our community
  7. Primary, Secondary and Higher Education of our people, Youth empowerment
  8. Political History of Logara: notable achievements of pioneers of our micro & macro politics

Please send your contributions as attachments to e-mails titled “LCDU – contributor’s name” to The following formats are recommended:-
Text Documents — MS-Word
Photographs — .jpg
Audio — .mp3
Video — .avi

Please Fill the following Form for your Identification
(First, send SMS of your Surname, Other names, Village in Logara, to  07032339839. Then call for a short interview, to obtain an
Authorization Code to fill in the form)

Long Live Logara Community!